The Early Years

In the early 1960’s with eighteen cents in his pocket, Bill headed west to Colorado.
In Denver he held an array of jobs, but the most noteworthy was a position where he unloaded delivery trucks for a salesman of Cory Coffee Company. After seeing firsthand what it took to run a coffee company, Bill took $1,800 and started Office Coffee Service Inc.

With a van to deliver his products, Bill bought and sold one coffee machine at a time as he made his way from office to office. Through hard work and dedication, he soon found himself expanding. While his office coffee service was successful, Bill became unsatisfied with the quality of the product he was providing. Even though his coffee was the average of the industry, he felt he could personally improve it to better suit his customers. In the summer of 1965 Bill began experimenting. He started with a vintage roaster and began making his own alterations. While these modifications enhanced the flavor of his coffee and the roaster is still in use today, it was by happenstance that Bill discovered a secret.

With less humidity and a roast lower in temperature, Colorado’s high altitude creates a flawlessly roasted coffee bean with a flavor second to none – smooth, fresh and extraordinary. After this discovery, Bill vowed to always give his customers a superior handcrafted coffee. A philosophy we maintain today through Bill’s exclusive high altitude roasting process and the use of only 100% hand-selected Arabica beans chosen from the world’s select coffee-growing regions.