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DenverBlend Single Serve 2.0

$ 9.99

Our signature DenverBlend is a Light Roast coffee and a favorite among our customers. Compatible with most Keurig® K-Cup® machines including 2.0 machines. Cups are fully recyclable and comes in a box made from recyclable materials. Comes in a 12 count box.

Since we are located a mile up in Denver Colorado, we have a small step we recommend doing when using our Single Serve cups:
  • Place cup in machine a press down just enough to puncture the cup
  • Raise the handle and then press down completely to finish brewing
  • This will normalize the air pressure in the cup since we don't all live a mile in the sky!

Want to make this coffee one of your regulars? Learn about our Coffee Subscription Program!

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Every coffee grind has a unique purpose, whether it be to extract certain flavors and nuances or create a smoother cup. We encourage you to read through our grind types below and select the one most appropriate for you.

 Whole Bean Coffee
Order whole bean if you have your own grinder... or if you can borrow your neighbors'.
The perk of buying whole bean is that you're in complete control of your coffee destiny. Only grind a small amount of coffee, to the appropriate coarseness, just before brewing. Grinding daily will ensure that you're enjoying the freshest coffee experience possible.

Coarse Grind
Order Coarse Grind if you'll be brewing with: Chemex Coffee maker, French Press.

Medium Grind
Order Medium Grind for your standard Drip Coffee Maker or Pour Overs.

Fine Grind
Order Fine Grind if you plan to brew making an espresso machine.
Espresso machines require one of the finest coffee grinds. Here's why: Your espresso machine is forcing nearly boiling water, under lots of pressure, through these grinds, yielding a thicker and higher concentration of coffee.

Looking to become a brewing master? We have amassed the best tips and tricks from our master roasters for the most popular coffee brewing methods. For best results use a kitchen scale and kettle with temperature settings or a thermometer.

Pour Over
Use 20g of coffee (medium grind) per 340g of water

  • Place pour over on cup, and place both on your scale. Zero out the scale
  • Place 20g of coffee into the filter, in the pour over, still on the scale. Zero out scale.
  • Pour 200 degree (F) water gently and directly to the middle of the pour over.
  • Use just enough to saturate the grinds.
  • Your bloom will peak in 15-20 seconds. Continue to pour into the center, keeping the pour over half full.
  • You target weight is 340g. Use the last 30g of water to pour over the grinds on the rim of the coffee bed
  • This process should take aprx. 3 minutes
  • Stir/ swirl, enjoy

French Press
Use 14g (aprx. 2 tbsp) of coffee (coarse grind) per 8 oz of water

  • Bring filtered water to a boil
  • Make sure plunger has been removed from the beaker
  • Place coffee in the bottom of the beaker, using the ratios above
  • Slowly pour 200 degree (F) water over the grounds until the beaker is 1/4 full. Stir.
  • Add remaining water and place the lid (with plunger) onto the beaker
  • Let stand for 4 min. 
  • Press the filter down, pour, sip, enjoy

Chemex Coffee Maker
Use 42g of coffee (coarse grind) per 680g of water

  • Place filter into chemex, with the tri-fold facing the spout. Wet the filter with hot water.
  • Add 42g of coffee to filter. Place Chemex and coffee on the scale to zero out.
  • Soak the grinds using about 84g water at aprx. 200 degrees (F)
  • As your bloom peaks (15 - 20 seconds), resume a gentle, centered pour, keeping the filter half full
  • Your target weight is 680g
  • Use the last 30g of water to pour over the grinds on the rim of the coffee bed
  • This process should take aprx. 4 minutes
  • Stir/ swirl, enjoy

Espresso Machine
For a single shot use 7 - 10g of coffee (fine grind) per 1 oz of water

  • Remove portafilter from machine and run water through group head
  • Add 7-10g of coffee to portafilter
  • Ensure coffee is evenly distributed and tamp with aprx. 30 lbs of pressure
  • Place portafilter back into the espresso machine and start pulling the shot
  • It will take aprx. 18-22 seconds to pull the full shot. Your shot is now complete.
  • Enjoy as is .. or serve as a milk based drink, such as a latte

Drip Coffee Maker

Use 2 tbsp of coffee (medium grind) per 8 oz of water

  • Place filter in machine
  • Add coffee to filter, using the ratios above
  • Pour water into the appropriate reservoir location (in the back)
  • Hit the BREW button
  • Patiently await a hot cup of deliciousness
  • Enjoy

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