Founded in 1965

Boyer’s Coffee was founded in Denver, CO by Bill Boyer. He began the small dream of roasting quality coffee at altitude in his garage, and that dream finally grew large enough to take over the historic Washington Street School, built in 1927.  


As current owners, brothers Douglass and Jason, took over the business in 2015, the family spirit stayed alive and well. At Boyer’s Coffee, giving back to the community has always been a staple for the brand, and under Doug and Jason’s leadership, this has grown incrementally over the years.

The Secrets to Our Signature Taste

Our commitment to sourcing coffee goes beyond our desire to make sure that each cup of Boyer’s Coffee tastes great at the end of the day – our Roastmaster Doug ensures that each batch of coffee beans is coming from sustainable and ethical farming communities all over the world – selecting only the best of the top 5% of the Arabica crop out there each year. We source our coffee beans from every coffee growing region in the world, specifically locations in Central America such as Guatemala and Costa Rica, and South America, including Brazil, Peru and Colombia.

The beans are slow roasted weekly in smaller batches, the key to success in Denver’s high altitude. Our roasting team then makes sure the coffee cools slowly and evenly, achieving the signature, smooth taste. They taste-test every batch of coffee we make sure the quality is perfect, each and every time!