Boyer's Coffee Featured in QSR Magazine

We're excited to be featured in QSR Magazine!  Here is the feature:
Boyers Coffee Featured In Qsr Magazine

Whether a mid-afternoon indulgence, or during an evening out on the town, Boyer's Coffee is a decadent treat that can be enjoyed in and of itself, but our smooth tasting cup is even more enjoyable with a variety of desserts. Our light to medium roasts, such as our DenverBlend or Kona Blend, pair perfectly with sweet desserts, such as cinnamon and sugar donut bites, assorted pies, and ice cream. For all the chocolate lovers, our Rocky Mountain Thunder is a perfect companion to the amazing flavors of dark chocolate or fresh fruit. 

"The introduction of Boyer’s Coffee created a great opportunity for us to create a simple sweet and coffee combo for guests looking for a sweet and coffee at breakfast," says Bob Karisny, vice president for menu strategy and innovation at Taco John’s Restaurants. "We added the combination of Mexican Donut Bites with a cup of Boyer’s Coffee which was well received by our guests."

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