Grind Type

Every coffee grind has a unique purpose, whether it be to extract certain flavors and nuances or create a smoother cup. We encourage you to read through our grind types below and select the one most appropriate for you.Grind Type

 Whole Bean Coffee
Order whole bean if you have your own grinder... or if you can borrow your neighbors'.
The perk of buying whole bean is that you're in complete control of your coffee destiny. Only grind a small amount of coffee, to the appropriate coarseness, just before brewing. Grinding daily will ensure that you're enjoying the freshest coffee experience possible.

Coarse Grind
Order Coarse Grind if you'll be brewing with: Chemex Coffee maker, French Press.

Medium Grind
Order Medium Grind for your standard Drip Coffee Maker or Pour Overs.

Fine Grind
Order Fine Grind if you plan to brew making an espresso machine.
Espresso machines require one of the finest coffee grinds. Here's why: Your espresso machine is forcing nearly boiling water, under lots of pressure, through these grinds, yielding a thicker and higher concentration of coffee.