Augmented Reality Help

What is Web-AR?

WebAR is a new emerging area of web development that uses our mobile devices to provide an augmented reality experience. Through AR, you can learn all about the Mash-Up Coffees by scanning the bag to find targets that will launch 3D videos, recipes, brew method suggestions and more! As the name suggests, WebAR uses the same underlying technology that any other website uses, the AR experiences are just as dynamic as a typical website or web app.


Web Browser Requirements

WebAR works on every phone browser supporting webgl and webrtc. For a complete list of supported devices, browsers and their versions, click here.

iOS 11 or newer Supported Browsers:

Android Supported Browsers:
Chrome-variants (e.g. Samsung Browser)



Every device has one main requirement, which is to have your camera enabled within your mobile web browser.

iOS Devices

Android Devices